• Convenient Transportation Environment
  • Pyeongtaek Industrial Cluster
  • Development plan around Pyeongtaek
  • Siheung Industryuniversityinstitute Cluster


Provide information related to Incheon International Airport, Gimpo International Airport, Cheongju International Airport, etc. as a table on airports.
Incheon International Airport

20 minutes from Siheung

1 hour from Pyeongtaek

Gimpo International Airport

40 minutes from Siheung

1 hour from Pyeongtaek

Cheongju International Airport

1 hour from Pyeongtaek


As a table on railroads, it provides information related to Gwangmyeong Station (KTX), Jije Station (SRT), Pyeongtaek Station, and Seohae double-track trains.
Gwangmyeong Station (KTX)

20 minutes from Siheung

Jije Station (SRT)

20 minutes from Seoul

Pyeongtaek Station

40 minutes from Seoul

Seohae double-track railway

* Anjung Station is scheduled to be opened.


Provide information related to Incheon Port, Pyeongtaek Port, etc. as a table on ports.
Incheon Port
  • 20 km from the Baegot District, Siheung and within 15 minutes
  • – A total of 125 berths, consisting of port facilities such as inner port, south port, and north port, as well as coastal and international passenger pier port hinterland
Pyeongtaek Port
  • Automobile Import/
    Export throughput

    No. 1 in Korea
    (9 consecutive years)
  • Container throughput

    No. 4 in Korea
  • Domestic
    Passenger transportation

    No. 3
  • Total volume for 3 consecutive years

    100 million tons
  • Regular Container

    13 routes
  • International car ferry

    5 routes


  • · West Coast, Pyeongtaek-Siheung Expressway Connection
  • · Connected with Gyeongbu Expressway and Pyeongtaek-Jecheon Expressway
  • · Seobu Inland Expressway (under construction) adjacent to Poseung IC

Automobile Cluster

  • Automobile Producer (World’s 5th)
Location of finished vehicles such as Hyundai Motor, Kia Motors, and Ssangyong Motors within a 20km radius of GGFEZ
Auto parts factory 2,597 (Unit. Factory)
Automobile industry workers in Gyeonggi-do 76,740 (Unit. People)

Semiconductor Cluster

  • Memory semiconductor world market share (world’s No. 1)
Formation of semiconductor clusters centered on Samsung Electronics such as Samsung Electronics and LG Innotek
Electronics Industry 785 (Unit. Factory)
Semiconductor industry workers in Gyeonggi-do 81,054 (Unit. People)


  • · Establishment of an integrated research cluster for land, sea, and air unmanned vehicles

    55 companies including Hyundai Motor, 7 universities including Seoul National University, 8 public institutions including Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute

  • · Distribution of general and high-tech industrial complexes within 15km

    Maehwa General Industrial Complex, Siheung Gwangmyeong Advanced Techno Valley, Sihwa MTV, Sihwa Pharmaceutical Business CooperativeBusiness-Cooperative Complex, etc.

  • · Distribution of national industrial complexes within 5km

    Siheung Smart Hub, Sihwa MTV

  • · Ease of securing industrial experts through university institutions

    Korea Polytechnic University, Gyeonggi University of Science and Technology, Seoul National University Siheung Campus, etc.

Smart Hub Industrial Conditions

Company 9,023 (Unit. Factory)
Workers 65,658 (Unit. People)

Sihwa MTV Industrial Conditions

Company 836 (Unit. Factory)
Worker 12,410 (Unit. People)