• 2021 ~ 2015
    (after the opening of the agency)
  • 2014 ~ 2008
    (before the opening of the agency)
  • January 01

    Inauguration of the 8th Commissioner Nang-Hyeon Shin

  • November 11

    Demonstration MOU for self-driving ships in Baegot District, Siheung

  • October 21

    Pyeongtaek BIX District Investment Agreement

  • July 15

    Siheung Baegot District Development Council operation

  • June 25

    Poseung (BIX) district in Pyeongtaek-Electric vehicle parts, materials and equipment manufacturing companies investment agreement

  • June 15

    Siheung Baegot district office opened

  • May 24

    Free Economic Zone Regulatory Innovation Business Agreement

  • February 15

    Inauguration of the 7th Commissioner Jin-Soo Lee

  • December 31

    Approval of completion of Poseung (BIX) district development project in Pyeongtaek

  • December 08

    Hyeondeok District Development Project Private Business Competition Evaluation Committee held and preferred bidder selected

  • November 27

    Hyeondeok district development project private business open call for business plan received

  • October 01

    Change of organization name (the Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone Authority → Gyeonggi Free Economic Zone Authority)

  • August 28

    Announcement of an open call for private business operators for the Hyeondeok district development project

  • August 26

    Gyeonggi-do, Hyundai Mobis, and Pyeongtaek-si investment attraction agreement

  • August 04

    Siheung Baegot District Development Project Implementer Designation Notice

  • July 15

    Changed development plan for Poseung (BIX) district in Pyeongtaek (addition of electric equipment and transportation equipment attracting businesses)

  • June 11

    Changed the development plan of the Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone (additional designation of Siheung Baegot district)

  • March 18

    Registered and started operation of Bittech Factory, a resident company in Poseung district

  • February 27

    Inauguration of the 6th Commissioner Yang Jin-cheol

  • February 05

    Changed the development plan and implementation plan for the Poseung district (e.g. relaxation of full notice)

  • December 31

    Completion of infrastructure construction in Poseung district (road, electric power, water supply, etc.)

  • December 27

    Selected as a preliminary candidate site for the Siheung Baegot District Free Economic Zone

  • November 19

    Hwanghaecheong-European Chamber of Commerce in Korea joint investment briefing held

  • August 12

    Groundbreaking ceremony for Bittech Co., Ltd. in Poseung District

  • January 27

    Changed the implementation plan for the Poseung district (restriction on the occupancy of hazardous industries on industrial logistics facility sites)

  • January 15

    Inauguration of the 5th Commissioner Seong-Tae Hwang

  • November 21

    Designated as industrial complex for industrial sites in Poseung district

  • September 27

    Hwanghaecheong-Bitec-CUBIT investment agreement

  • August 31

    Cancellation of designation as a project operator for the Hyeondeok district

  • March 19

    Signed an investment agreement in the Poseung district (2 companies) Technopia, Kokusai Express, a Korean-Japanese company

  • January 24

    Hwanghaecheong-Singapore Sumihuru investment attraction agreement

  • January 16

    Changed the implementation plan of the Poseung District (except for the permitted use in the logistics site)

  • September 26

    Signed an investment agreement in the Poseung district (2 companies) – Daejeong TC Co., Ltd., Shinchang Special Co., Ltd.

  • August 09

    Changed development plan for Hyeondeok district (change of project area, etc.)

  • May 29

    Hwanghaecheong-Polytech University Hwaseong Campus Job Creation Business Agreement

  • March 28

    Hwanghaecheong-Hana Bank Cooperation Agreement to Attract Foreign Investors

  • March 03

    Inauguration of the 4th Commissioner Lee Hwa-soon

  • January 20

    Change of development plan in Poseung district (introduction of happy housing, change of area, etc.)

  • January 17

    Changed the development plan for the Hyeondeok district (changed the project period)

  • October 21

    Signed an investment agreement in Poseung District (3 companies) – Shinheung Precision Co., Ltd., Daeil Transportation, and Gadal Hi-Tech

  • July 06

    Signed an investment agreement in Poseung District (5 companies) – Sunil Industrial Co., Ltd., Dongwha Transport Co., Ltd., Chungha Transport Co., Ltd., Dongbo Transport Co., Ltd., Tech Industry Co., Ltd.

  • June 17

    Hyeondeok District Implementation Plan Approval

  • October 21

    Start of site development in Poseung district

  • February 17

    Inauguration of the 3rd Commissioner Jeon Tae-heon

  • January 09

    Changed development plan for Hyeondeok district (industrial complex -> distribution, tourism)

  • January 01

    Established Gyeonggi branch office

  • December 31

    Approval for dissolution of Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone Association

  • August 06

    Approval of implementation plan for Poseung district

  • August 05

    Released from Chungnam district (Songak, Inju district)

  • January 17

    Designated as a development project operator for the Hyeondeok district (Korea China Development Co., Ltd.)

  • August 22

    Designated as a developer for the Poseung district (Gyeonggi City Corporation, Pyeongtaek City Corporation)

  • August 13

    Changed development plan (Poseung district -> divided into Poseung district, Hyeondeok district, and Hanjung district)

  • December 08

    Announcement of adjustment to reduce development area (Removal of the reduction in the Poseung, Songak, Inju districts, Jigok district, and the facing south of the district)

  • July 11

    Inauguration of the 2nd Commissioner Han-kyu Park

  • April 18

    Notification of renunciation of status as project operator in Poseung and Inju districts of LH Corporation

  • July 22

    Opened the Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone (Dangjin, Chungcheongnam-do)

  • July 11

    Inauguration of the 1st Commissioner Seongbae Kim

  • May 06

    Official Gazette of the Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone Authority