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  • Land Use Plan
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Investment benefits of Siheung Baegot district in Siheung

  • Creation of urban space for demonstration of unmanned moving vehicles

  • Education and research medical institution innovation ecosystem

  • Support for rent for high-tech R&D centers in universities (75%)

  • Tax support for excellent foreign talent – Income tax reduction and special tax treatment

Project Overview of Baegot District, Siheung

Location Whole area of Baegot-dong, Siheung-si
Area 0.88㎢
Business Period 2020 ~ 2027
Project Cost 1,660 billion won (National 139.7, Local 219.2, Private 1309.2)
Development plan Unmanned vehicle, bio-medical research cluster
Developer Seoul National University, Siheung-si

House supply plan

Siheung Campus and R&D site of Seoul National University inside the existing urban development district, and there is no separate planned.

Population and housing are supported by Baegot New Town, the hinterland.

Plan population Total density of planned households
56,000 people 21,541 households 113.12 people/ha
Eligible business categories
  • Unmanned ground/
    aerial vehicles

  • R&D

  • Manufacturing-
    fourth industry

Siheung Baegot District 주요시설에 관한 표로써 연구시설, 교육/의료시설 등의 내용을 제공
Intelligent Unmanned Vehicle Research Center
Future Mobility Center
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering and FOC
medical facilities
Siheung Baegot Seoul National University Hospital in Siheung (Shall be built) : 800 beds.
Siheung Seoul National University Dental Hospital in Siheung (Shall be built): 228 unit chairs

Air View of Baegot District, Siheung

Location of Baegot District, Siheung

Land Use Plan

Total Education/Medical Research Site Electricity Supply
100% 75.4% 23.9% 0.7%
0.878㎢ 0.662㎢ 0.21㎢ 0.006㎢

Land Use Plan

Measures to improve metropolitan transportation

Field Business Name Business Amount Characteristics
Scale Period Expenses
6 roads, 1 connection, 1 transfer 1ea 2012~2019 5,028
Road Expansion of coastal road 2.23km 2012~2019 1,121 Under
New Seohaean-ro bypass road 3.16km 2012~2019 1,146 Under
(1.18km) (2011~2019) (817) Manual construction part
Extension of Seohaean-ro (Wolgot-Shincheon) 4.7km 2012~2018 1,143 Under
Extension of Seohaean-ro (Jeongwang-Ok-gu) 2.95km 2012~2018 425 completed
Expansion of Bonghwa-ro 4.18km 2012~2017 733 completed
Sorae-ro extension 0.9km 2012~2017 123 completed
Jeongwang IC improvement 1 2012~2016 306 completed
Oido Station Transit Facility Expansion 1 2012~2016 31 completed